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JCRevelations.com :: Latest Development - 6/6/18

I'm sitting here at a well known beach in California typing up the best breakthrough system for the Fantasy 5 lottery game to date. No one else on this planet has a better system than mine.

Over 100,000+ members on lotterypost.com alone and not one of them can come up with a strategy to be successful at this game. For one, you got a self-proclaimed math whiz frantically scrambling to come up with a system because I called him out publicly. I gave him a 2 month deadline to come up with a worthwhile system that will help players win jackpots or I would develop one. He soon sent me a private message undercover of another pseudo name telling me to wait and not showboat my system. Hum? Got me thinking. Why on earth would a new member not want me to publish my system. I mean think about it for a minute. If you are a lottery player wouldn't you want to have immediate insight knowledge to that system. Of course, you would. This intellectual couldn't even hide his tracks well. Spotted his presence right away.

This math whiz does not want to be put to shame and have his reputation tarnished. And, here's why. He's written many books for several years on amazon for FOREX Trading and now a Fantasy 5 book which he really should of titled it "How Not To Hit The Jackpot." He knows his math credibility is at risk. Its like I told him, the game is about strategy and less about math. Mathematics used as formulas are always secondary to the approach of winning a jackpot. He's scared in his shoes right now because I am about to shake up the lottery world upside down with my system.

Regardless, to cut this story short and move this conversation forward I want to mention I will be selling this amazing system on my website soon .. so be ready to win $50,000 plus JACKPOTS!! I call it the High 5 System.

If you want to be put on the waiting list, feel free to reach out to contact@jcrevelations.com with the words "I Want Your Revolutionary System" on the subject line of your email. The release date is scheduled for August 1, 2018.

Yours Truly,

J.C. - The Lottery Prophet.

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